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Email campaigns, photography, retouching, illustration, web reports, multiple page documents, annual reports, brochures, catalogues , newsletters, 3D models, animation, copywriting, filming, styling for shoots, e-books and publications, online magazines…

There was a joke made at a recent design conference by one of the speakers that went something like this. “What does a Graphic Designer do? Answer: Every f__king thing.” Now that may be a little crude but the barb comes from the bitter sweet expectation that designers do face that they can create anything and in record time. It would be nice if we could all afford specialists to do each part of a project properly but sometimes that’s just not feasable and so a designer does become a kind of jack of all trades. Luckily I love learning new subjects and new software so I do have that ability to jump from task to task.

When budget allows I’d always rather pass work on to a specialist and I have contacts with photographers, videographers, animators, illustrators (if you don’t like my style), stylists, writers, 3D drawing experts etc. However in the realm of the visual communication there is little that I cannot achieve and if what you need is an integrated output with one go-to person pulling it all together I can be that person. Not only can the design chick keep all the balls she’s juggling in the air, she can make a pretty snazzy nest and have them all land softly in the same spot. Now that’s multitasking!


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