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Brand Facelift

Maybe you already have a logo but it is out of date, low resolution or doesn’t capture your target market. I can help you re-brand effectively with a new logo and advise on how to roll out the new look seamlessly.

Q: What is a brand facelift?

A: Sometimes a total new brand is unnecessary and even not advised. A new font can do wonders for making a brand look current. Colours can be changed if they were badly picked to begin with or a drawing can be cleaned up and stylised if you’ve been making do with a sketch the boss did on a napkin twenty years ago.

Q: How do I know when I just need a facelift?

A: A brand can carry with it a lot of recognition and familiarity and may even be a lovemark for some people. If you’re worried you might lose customers through instigating a whole new look overnight then just allow your designer to freshen you up and modernise you so that you’re still recognisable but relevant.

A facelift is also a good idea if you are particularly fond of some aspects of your logo and can’t put your finger on what it is you want to change about it but just know it’s looking a bit dated. After all you wouldn’t wear the same suit for ten or twenty years so why make your business do the same?

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