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I generally charge an hourly rate but sometimes a project rate can be negotiated in some cases to help stick to budget requirements. The hourly rate will be disclosed upon your contacting me. I usually communicate throughout the design process to ensure that there are no surprizes with billing. I can also give you tips on how to supply your content and give feedback on design progress to ensure the number of changes are minimised and costs reduced.

Graphic Design
It really pays to have your logo designed by someone who understands all the potential for your brand. I don’t just design for where you are today, I give you something that will work for where you’re aiming to be.

Logos are just the beginning for your business and once you have that sorted you’ll need to put that logo in as many places as you can. Whether you need it on a brochure or a van I’m your man…I mean chick!

I can illustrate characters or designs for you in a vector program providing you with a graphic element that can be scaled up to go on a billboard or vehicle without loosing image quality. Then I provide you with the file that can be used again and again meaning great value for your money.

I’m fast and efficient at laying out multiple page documents and making all that dry data look fabulous. Charts and graphs  done properly can create a visual impact for your data. Photographic imagery that is high resolution and communicates your story for maximum comprehension can be sourced or arranged by the design chick.

I have an in-depth knowledge of typography which enables me to manipulate your text files into something attractive and easy to read.

Social Media
If you have no idea where to start I can either do it for you or get you started. I have recently been involved with promoting retail products through social media avenues.

Mail campaigns
If you need a mail campaign that gets attention and doesn’t look run of the mill my skills will add that professional look to your campaign. For small businesses a free mail system can be set up (costing you only my design time to set it up and or maintain it) and you can be prompting your customers weekly to visit your website for sales and promotions or for building awareness.

Web Design
If you have a site but it’s out of date a web report can tell you what needs changing and how. My usability expert will ensure your next upgrade hits the mark.

If you don’t have a site I can get you up and running fast and make you look good. Because I’m a designer your website will match your print material giving your brand cohesion. If you want to be able to update information on your own site then I can give you that ability.

Just check out my portfolio page to see my previous work.





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