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Infographic design for annual report
  • PUBLISHED on October 30, 2018
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I designed this infographic in Illustrator as a way to help make the statistical data from the study more digestible for the average person. Nobody wants to read vast quantities of data as text and try to maintain attention and focus so the ability to bring some of the information to life when it comes […]

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Veggie Boys Poster
  • PUBLISHED on April 21, 2015
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This was a poster for a clients competition to promote their new store and the characters I created for them.

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Creative Minds Creche - Logo/Brand
  • PUBLISHED on January 21, 2014
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Veggie Boys Potato Characters
  • PUBLISHED on October 05, 2012
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Here are some characters I illustrated for the Veggie Boys. They wanted two new characters that were to be potatos who had to look very kiwi, a little rugged and like they’d been digging in the veggie patch on the farm.

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Veggie Boys illustration
  • PUBLISHED on May 03, 2012
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Little one illustration
  • PUBLISHED on March 06, 2012
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Astra illustration
  • PUBLISHED on March 06, 2012
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A digital illustration showing a portion of a dustcover jacket designed for a children’s story i wrote. The story was also produced as a audio file and sold to a children’s show and played on national radio.

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