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product photography and image editing of bed

Lighting is key which is why I’m so pleased to have received my new speed lite. I’m going to have fun testing this out and seeing what a difference it can make to my product photography. I know there must be clients out there coming up to christmas needing to add quality product shots to their websites and I would be happy to help. I’ve had some fun recently styling photoshoots for a client. Choosing the cushions and throws and then jooshing them to be just right. I even used the Ling and Zing karate chop to get the finishing touch. It is amazing what you can do with photoshop extending areas of carpet that isn’t even there! Here is a before and after shot to more or less give you an idea of what is possible. Although to be fair there was another version of this shot with the throw and pillows ( I didn’t photoshop those in) but you can see the carpet and dresser to the left don’t exist and I’ve removed the distracting background. So the final result is a tidy little bedroom suite ready to be showcased on the clients website. By the way I am a west auckland graphic designer so if anyone local needs product photography that would be great.

product photography shots

This is one of my product photography shots. I use raw files to allow for maximum editing potential. You can see the difference to the result to see how much I achieved in photoshop.

product photography and image editing of bed

This is an example of my product photography skills. Working in a cramped environment of non-studio conditions I was able to photograph and photoshop edit this scene after dressing it.

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  1. Sam Jewel 30 March 2021

    Thanks for this

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