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Recently a woman contacted me about getting a poster made as a gift for a friends birthday. She wanted to put her friends face in place of one of the characters in the Sopranos poster. I thought it was a great idea. Not many people think of giving Graphic Design as a gift but why […]

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Evet Brand/Business Card

It’s so nice to receive great feedback. Yesterday I had a meeting with a client for whom I had designed their branding, business card and done some work on the design of their website. I hadn’t seen them recently and asked if they had happened to have printed their business cards yet from the file […]

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futura history

1927 Futura Comissioned by Bauer Type Foundry Design by Typographer Paul Renner Bauhaus inspired, geometric sans-serif. Popular “modern” font for logos. Useage: Absolut Vodka, Red Bull, Louis Vuitton   

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Times New Roman Font

1929 Times New Roman British Newspaper Design by Typographers Stanley Morison, Victor Lardent Narrow, fits more words per line. The default font of no choice. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789  

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Panel Painting

Here’a a snapshot of a series of panel paintings I have been working on, for way too long, graphic work comes first of course! Recently I added in some paint through a stencil. I’m building up the layers and waiting till I get that finished feeling before I’ll apply a final layer of gloss. There’s […]

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business cards

These are some of the business cards I have designed for clients around Auckland in the last month. The turnaround for these clients has been quite fast. In most cases they were able to approve the artwork from the first proof. If you have some good quality imagery and a high resolution version of your […]

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Gratitude, Joy, Wonder

These are my latest artworks. A series of three painting collages completed on wood panels. Inspired by techniques in “Taking Flight” by Kelly Rae Roberts book on various collage techniques and materials including scrapbooking paper and encaustic (beeswax) work. I took a concept like “wonder” and then wrote from the top of my head why […]

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This is my latest set of paintings. Three mixed media works in acrylic incorporating actual sewing pattern paper around the edges. I’ve been experimenting lately with different media that I haven’t used before. I’ve also used modeling paste in these works.

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seaweed painting

Acryllic painting of seaweed on sand. Artist Paula Egginton.   I completed this painting after attending a day course in acrylic painting which I did just to learn a few more techniques, brush up (if you’ll excuse the pun) on my skills and be around other people painting. Kym Marsden a Huia  artist who is […]

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Some would argue that a designer’s big day is not the wedding itself but the day they get to design their own wedding invitation. My wedding was in fact five years ago but I am still very proud of this piece and since letterpress work is so trendy now I have to include it somewhere […]

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